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eCodicesNL continues!

eCodicesNL continues!

With the launch of the website in May 2023, the pilot project that started at Huygens Institute in 2020 has officially come to an end. As a team, we are happy with the result and can proudly say that our goal of building a portal where almost 200 medieval manuscripts can be viewed and studied has been achieved.

Huygens Institute and the Royal Library in The Hague are now joining forces to realise the digitisation of more medieval manuscripts. eCodicesNL has shown that its working method is extremely suitable for small institutions that do not have the means, knowledge or technical facilities to digitise and present their collection themselves. The Royal Liberary, as owner of one of the largest collections of medieval manuscripts in the Netherlands, has chosen to outsource the digitisation of its collection. To organise the process of digitisation of all medieval manuscripts as efficiently as possible, we will develop these two separate approaches. In 2023, we will start a first phase: digitising the small collections based on the working method of eCodicesNL.

In the coming months, the first results of our collaboration with the Royal Library will be published. So keep track of our website for updates!

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